Страница 20 - ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Учебник Ваулина, Дули, Подоляко Страницы

Авторы: Ваулина Ю.Е., Дули Д., Подоляко О.Е.

Издательство: Просвещение

Тип: Учебник

Решение заданий заданий 1, 2, 3, 4 со страницы 20 учебника по английскому языку 6 класс Ваулина


a) Listen and repeat. Where can you buy the things in the pictures? What else can you buy in places 1−12?

  1. post office
  2. bank
  3. baker’s
  4. greengrocer’s
  5. supermarket
  6. newsagent’s
  7. chemist’s
  8. library
  9. pet shop
  10. restaurant
  11. toy shop
  12. sports shop

You can buy stamps at the post office.

2. Listen to the conversation and label the places in the map below. Say where each shop is.

− Hey, Dave! What are you doing in this neighbourhood?
− Hi, Lynn! I’m looking for the post office. Do you know where it is?
− Yes, it’s right next to the bank, the one opposite the newsagent’s. Sarah is there right now.
− Sorry, is the post office opposite the newsagent’s?
− No, no, the newsagent’s is opposite the bank. And the post office is opposite the supermarket.
− Oh, I see. You mean the supermarket in front of the bus station?
− Exactly.
− And what about the library? I’m meeting John there in half an hour.
− Oh, the library… it’s the building behind the chemist’s.
− And what’s the small place opposite the chemist’s next to the post office?
− That’s the coffee shop. Why don’t we have a coffee before you meet John?
− That’s a great idea!


a) Read the title in the text. Think of six words you expect to read. Listen and read and check.

My neighbourhood
I live in a beautiful neighbourhood. There are a lot of shops and cafes around here. There’s a post office right next to the bank. Opposite the bank, there’s the newsagent’s. There’s also a supermarket opposite the post office and a bus station in front of the supermarket. Next to it there’s the chemist’s. Behind it, there’s a library. Opposite the chemist’s, there’s my favourite coffee shop! I like my neighbourhood a lot!
Tony Smith

b) In pairs, ask and answer comprehension questions.

4. Portfolio: Draw a street map of your neighbourhood and label the buildings.

Then, write a short paragraph, describing it. Use Ex. 3 as a model.

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Страница 20 - ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Учебник Ваулина, Дули, Подоляко Страницы
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